Senior Spotlight: Makayla Richardson


Jessica Todd, Editor-In-Chief

Many upperclassmen are working industriously with classes, assignments and jobs that require a lot of attention. Senior Makayla Richardson is one student who knows exactly what it means to be a hard worker.

“I want to leave the legacy that doing your best and working hard pays off in the end,” says Richardson.

The senior moved to the school district when she was in first grade along with her mom, dad and two younger sisters. Since then, Cascade has become a real home to the entire Richardson family.

This summer, Richardson plans to head to Florida to take on an internship before finishing her last year of college at Vincennes University. She has excelled in the sign language classes she has taken at the college thus far and is excited to pursue a career as an interpreter.

According to her sign language teacher, Aaron Robinson, “Makayla blossomed into a great student in my American Sign Language class. She is very thoughtful and her smile is very infectious. She picked up the language very quickly and will be a great asset in the deaf community.”

When Makayla is not at school, you can find her working at Mcalister’s, working on her sign language skills, playing softball or babysitting.

“Makayla is a very popular team member with our guests. She always has a friendly smile and works extremely hard. Makayla’s hard work has earned her a promotion to “Certified Training Rock Star” at our Plainfield location. She is invaluable to our restaurant,” says Mcalister’s manager, Mike Miller.

Richardson has played softball for nine years and has played as a Cadet since freshman year. She has made unforgettable memories with all of her softball teams, including winning the sectional championship as a junior.

“She’s a hard worker and always has a positive attitude,” says senior teammate, Alisha Burch.

When asked to give advice to underclassmen, Makayla said, “ Smile and don’t let others take your shine away! Work hard, dream big and go get it!”

The biggest lesson Richardson has learned during her high school years is that who you are is important.

“Although friends will come and go, if you stay true to yourself, your values and your beliefs, you will come out on top and have no regrets in the future.”

The senior is ready for graduation and is thrilled to see what comes in the future. Good luck Makayla!