Cadets welcome new mascot, The General


“The General” leads the Black and Blue Crew.

Amber Anglin, Staff

For the first time in school history, Cascade officially has a school mascot.
Everyone, meet “The General.”
You can expect to see him at basketball games and during other sports seasons cheering on the Cadets in the cheer blocks and on the side lines.
The General’s alter ego is junior Jackson Franchville, who made his debut at the Winter Homecoming this year.
Franchville was asked by Mr. Donovan and Mr. Acton to become the mascot because of how outgoing he is with his involvement in Cadet Kickoff and with the school. Franchville has always found himself to be entertaining, especially at events. The General is the perfect fit as it entertains the crowd and is promoting the school in a positive way.
The mascot gives people a reason to go to the games and to cheer on our school’s teams. Franchville says that it is very heartwarming to the kids to be able to see him and makes them pay attention.
If there is a downside, it is that the suit gets extremely hot, making it necessary to have to cool down every once in awhile. The costume is on its trial run right now in order to see how it can be improved for manageability and comfort.
“The idea of The General came about from a leadership group called the Baker’s Dozen. The school’s staff discussed ways to make our school’s spirit greater and make the school even more amazing than it already is. Some of the conversations led to talking about the school’s first mascot and that is how The General was created,” says Acton.
The General, who got his name from Mr. Donovan, helps add energy to the CHS environment and gives students more school spirit. The mascot also will be taken to the elementary schools to try and show the attitude that “The” Cascade High School shows off to prove that we are the best small school in the state!
The credit for the mascot goes to Mr. Burelison for coming up with the idea and putting lots of hard work into making it happen.
The General was debuted on several local television stations in his first appearance at an event. Look for him to be an important component to keeping the atmosphere elevated at CHS.