Outworking the opposition

Brandon Campbell, Staff

¨The worst part about wrestling practice is entering the wrestling room,¨ said junior, David Turner.
From making weight to sweating so much you have to change shirts, wrestling is one of the most challenging sports the school offers.
Wrestling is one of the last truly individual sports around. Besides swimming and golf, wrestling is the only sport where it is just you and one other person.
The wrestling season consists of long Saturday tournaments with usually four or five matches in a day or individual dual meets throughout the week which have one match in a day.
To be in “wrestling shape,” you have to condition yourself to tax your lungs and prepare your body’s muscles for a possible six minutes of wrestling.
A typical wrestling practice starts off with a 15-20 minute jog around the room. After that you work on a series of “rolls” such as somersaults, cartwheels, and crab walks.
After the warm-up we move on to the actual wrestling.
The coaches have the wrestlers get in stances and take various shots to take down their opponents. After that pinning combinations are simulated. Then it’s time for the conditioning which can be something simple like sprints, or something more intense like ¨suicides.¨
Wrestling is one of the most challenging sports the school offers. It isn’t a cake walk, that’s for sure.