A diamond in the rough


Alli Woodall, Senior Staff Writer

As any avid reader may know, it takes time for a book to truly become a classic.
Some classics can be discovered before they even become classics. Teach the right person how to write and give them a creative mind and you will have a classic in no time.
When I was given the option to read a novel for extra credit over winter break, I chose to read The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini. Little did I know that I was going to encounter the story of a man’s life, from childhood well into his adult life, and that it would stay with me.
The 372 pages first hit the press on May 29, 2003. Scoring 4.2 / 5 on Goodreads, this one is a definite read.
The story is set in Afghanistan in the 1970s. It covers the time when Russia first began to invade Afghanistan and later gets control of the Taliban.
The main character, Amir, tells the story from his perspective. He begins talking about his childhood with the servant’s son, Hassan, and all the adventures that they went on. After an unforeseen and deeply tragic event takes place, Amir begins to fight his newly developed demons.
The book follows him into early adulthood as he escapes the Russians by fleeing to Pakistan. After time spent there, Amir and his father leave the Middle East and plunge themselves into the social norms of American society.
Amir experiences the highs and lows of adulthood in America, blissfully forgetting the demons hiding around the corner waiting to creep back into his life. When the call of an old friend pulls him back to the Middle East, Amir feels the weight of his past returning to his shoulders. Amir packs up and goes back to Pakistan to settle an old debt, but his small visit with an old friend turns into something so much more.
There are some common themes in the book, such as betrayal, guilt and redemption. These three combine to make a powerful impact on the reader as the story unfolds in the confines of the cover.
Disclaimer, however. This book can be a heavy read and can be hard to stomach at times. Should you decide to delve into this book, proceed with caution, and keep reading until the end. Trust me, the ending is worth it. The Kite Runner is a true diamond in the rough and a classic in the making.