Landing the job

Quintin Anderson, Staff

When people get called for a job interview, almost every person begins by scouring the internet for advice on getting the job. But the truth is that there is all sorts of bad job advice out there.
¨The key to getting any good job is all in the interview,” according to Austin Goodwin, General Manager of Chipotle in Avon.
You only get one chance to make a good first impression. It all starts with the initial meetings. Whether job seekers realize this fact or not, most all employers look for a good handshake when making the decision of hiring.
The steps following the first impression are critical to landing the job. You need to have a high energy output and convince your interviewer that you are motivated and hardworking without having to say those words. Doing some inteview research can also go a long way.
Find out as much as you can about the type of interview you could have. What questions might they ask? What qualities are they looking for? Sell yourself and make them think that there is no good reason not to hire you. Always be prepared to give answer while thinking on your toes.
Dress for the job that you want, or as you might have heard before ¨dress for success.¨
¨It’s always good when somebody is appealing to the eye and looks professional,¨ said Goodwin.
You most likely won’t ever hear anybody say this, but brush your teeth and use mouthwash before interviewing. Nobody wants a smelly coworker.
The interview process isn’t just for the employer though. Have questions for them. This lets them know that you have interest and are wanting to learn more.
If you follow this outline you’re almost sure to land the job.