Spooky for the season


Ali Beasley, Staff

Halloween is quickly approaching and everyone is getting costumes ready to go for the big night.

Most people buy their costumes, but when it comes down to it, the best costumes are the ones that are made
at home and are original.

Over the years, original costumes have become more and more popular including anything from a hippie to a hobo.

People use some really funky things for their costumes, according to junior Dylan Creek, who has made an entire Halloween costume out of the plastic and paper left in his recycling bin.

Cascade has seen some crazy costumes ranging anywhere from a bloody-faced murderer to a full-body banana suit. This year should be more of the same.

Sophomore Dakota Turner says that he is going to go with a monster theme and freshman Faith Sample is going to dress up as a day of the dead skull girl.

It seems that the main theme of costumes this year is gory, bloody and dark. Costumes that are meant to scare people are normally the most worn.

On the contrary most parents are dressing their kids up to be cute and cuddly. The most popular types of children’s costume, according to costumeexpress.com, are animals and superheroes.

While it might be in style this year to dress infants and toddlers up as dragons, bears or Batman. but teens are stocking up on the fake blood and scar tattoos.