Artist of the Quarter


Artist of the Quarter, Kaitlyn Elliott.

Abigail Jane Williams, Staff Writer

Artists are a great part of any community due to their ability to inspire the people around them with their beautiful works of art.

Senior Kaitlyn Elliott has been awarded with the title of “Artist of the Quarter” because of her inspiration and her passion for creativity.

When asked about what inspired her to become an artist, she said, “I started taking art classes during my sophomore year and realized how much I loved painting and creating things. I really saw my ability come to life last year when I started to challenge myself to do harder projects.”

Artists use many different styles throughout the world, including surrealism and realism, abstract, and pop art.

According to Elliott, “my favorite style of art is abstract, and I love how much creativity is put into that style. Because of this, I use it the most.”
With tons of different mediums at the disposal of artists everywhere, it’s hard to choose which one you are the most comfortable with.

When asked about this, Elliott says, “I mostly use paint whenever I create things. My favorite type is specifically watercolor paint because I love how it looks whenever it’s completed and it’s a lot more fun to use.”

Artists deserve to be noticed in our community, and Senior Kaitlyn Elliott is no exception. With her positive attitude and her beautiful art, the artist of the quarter title has been well placed.