Senior Spotlight: Emma Coke

Senior Emma Coke plans to major in nursing at IUPUI.

Senior Spotlight: Emma Coke

Jessica Todd, Editor-in-Cheif

Coming to a new school district at a young age is never simple, but as she’s grown, senior Emma Coke has been able to call Cascade home and is prepared to leave behind a legacy.

Coke moved to the Mill Creek School District when she was in second grade. After graduation, her sights are set on attending IUPUI to earn a degree in nursing.

The senior is a member of the Cadet softball team and was also a member of the cheer team. When she is not at school or playing softball, you can find her hanging out with her friends and taking walks.

As a senior, Coke is looking forward to deciding her major and minor and figuring out where her grades of As and Bs will take her.

Whether it was on the track cheering or in the stands as a spectator, Coke’s favorite memory at “The” Cascade High School has been attending the football games.

As for her favorite class at Cascade, Algebra 2 was the best because she enjoyed the classroom environment and the information was easy for her.

Before she leaves Cascade, Emma wants to remind everyone that they should always try their hardest, even if it is not working as you want it to.

“Hard work really does pay off. If you put hard work into your schooling by your senior year, then you will only have to take the basic classes.”