Respect all, fear none

A bigger team with bigger dreams.


Girls Golf County

Angel Bratcher, Yearbook Manager

With just one lone senior, a few returning sophomores, many incoming players, and a head coach that isn’t new to the game, the girls golf team is ready to hit the course for another year.

Coach Walter Marshall may be new to being a head coach, but it is not his first time at the helm as he served as assistant to longtime coach, David Smyth for two years.

“Becoming the head coach is nerve wracking. I don’t want to stress about too much, but I don’t want them to slack off on the agenda I have for practice,” said Marshall.

There are many key players returning this year, such as Kaitlyn Breeding, and sophomores Dixie Short, Anna Littrell, Micah Campbell, and Skyla Davis.

This year there are 11 girls on the team. Though only five of them are experienced with high school golf, some of the newcomers, such as Lindzy Dolder, Roni Hudson and Grace Engel really show promise.

“They have a lot of potential. It will be hard and take time to get used to, but they can do it,” said Breeding.

Having such a large team is a new experience at CHS since in years past the teams have typically been very small.

“With more girls on the team, everyone has to be spread out. I have a plan, but I am going to stay with what I know,” Marshall said of the upcoming season.

This year the team looks forward to the Danville and Triwest matches, because they play the two teams
in county. At the meet earlier this month, the team beat Tri-west and only lost to Danville by 18 strokes.

The girls are practicing hard and working toward beating Danville later in the season.

“Practice needs to be productive. In a match the girls are playing against the course and in order to beat the opponent they have to beat the course,” said Marshall.