A look at electronic dance music.


Photo by riotheatre.ca

MacKaella Young, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Jonathon Ng, who goes under the alias EDEN, is a 20-year-old Irish EDM producer based in Dublin.

Under the alias The Eden Project, he has released over 40 tracks and many extended plays, but once he changed his name to EDEN, he broke away from the music label he was recording with. He then decided to create his own music label called “MCMXCV”. After doing so, he debuted his album “End Credits” and received over four million views on SoundCloud alone.

EDM is short for electronic dance mkusic, such as dubstep. EDEN originally published music like dubstep and drum and bass, but since April 2015 he has been publishing more indie style music.

He only has a few albums, such as “The Journey Home” and “I Think You Too Much of Me”. His most recent album was produced in 2015 and is called “End Credits,” which is my personal favorite.

EDEN is a great artist and produces great music. According to CHS senior Amanda Sevier, “It’s pretty good. I felt very calm and slightly inspired when I listened to it.”

EDEN has not yet won any awards for his music, but that could change. He is extremely talented and deserves it, but sadly EDM artists usually don’t win awards because they usually go to “traditional” musicians.