Gotta catch ’em ALL!

Childhood favorite makes a big comeback.

Gotta catch em ALL!

Alli Woodall, Multimedia Manager

Pokemon was a huge hit with kids in the 90s and early 2000s.

For those who grew up with the show and the games, Pokemon is hard to stop, especially if you haven’t caught them all! No matter what connection you may have to the franchise, it’s hard to stop, so why not “Go?”

Pokemon has a wide range of involvement in various areas, such as games, trading cards and merchandise. The trading cards will soon become valued collectors items, and with the revival of the franchise through Pokemon Go, the merchandise will soon be popular again. Fangirls and fanboys all over the world were psyched with the much anticipated release of the game, which was July 6, 2016.

Since then, the streets have been packed with Pokemon Goers trying to catch them all.

Some aspects of the game are the Poke Stops, commonly set at monuments and fountains, which give you a variety of free items. Poke Stops are good to hit when you need refills on Pokeballs, and as your trainer level gets higher, you receive different types of Pokeballs. Other items that help you catch Pokemon are eggs, and berries, which make the Pokemon more susceptible to being caught.

Since some Pokemon are only discovered in other regions, you can receive different Pokemon from hatching eggs in your incubators by walking around. There are some variations on how far you have to walk in order to get the egg to hatch. Some eggs only require two kilometers, while others require five. There are some that will require you to walk as many as 10 kilometers. The longer you have to walk, the more uncommon the hatched Pokemon will be.

Other popular aspects of the game are the gym battles where you can battle other players to control a local gym. If you control a gym for a certain period of time, you receive a defender bonus. This defender bonus allows you to receive free Pokecoins to use in the shop to buy helpful items. Among these items are the incense and Lure modules. Both of these items allow the trainer to draw Pokemon to their area.

Soon, a much-anticipated update will include Pokemon trading where you can trade Pokemon with friends or people from other regions. This will allow people to build their Pokedexes in hopes of filling them successfully.

The game has experienced issues with server crashes. Also, there is the new issue of the footsteps, which tracks how far you are from nearby Pokemon.

In order to help with these glitches, fan bases are creating third-party maps such as Pokevison. Niantic, as of July 30, shut down all of these third party maps. This has caused a slight unrest with the Pokemon Go community, but Niantic promises to have some fixes on the way.

The game is still in it’s early stages, with plenty of glitches and bugs that need to be worked out. In a matter of time, Niantic will work out these bugs and will make the game even bigger and better than what it already is.

No matter what it takes, no doubt there will be millions of PokeGoers trying to “catch ’em all.”