Simple club, complex goals

Izzy Eaton, Staff

The Kinetic Kafe is a club that learns about building Rube Goldberg machines.
A Rube Goldberg machine is a complex machine built to complete a simple task.
The synopsis from the members appears to be that most of them joined in order to get extra credit in Mr. Anderson’s math class. However, many chose to stay.
“Originally it was for bonus points my freshman year, but it grew on me,” says sophomore Mazie Wathen.
One of the big events that the club does includes the Pi Day celebration on March 14th. This event is a favorite among the members, including freshman Olivia Glaeser. “My favorite part about the Kinetic Kafe would have to be when we host Pi day and we get to miss class and run the games,” says Glaeser.
On top of the Pi day celebration, the club also has goals to go view a regional competition.
While some students are in it for the fun, freshman Alyson Owen seems to be getting a lot out of this club. “This experience has led me to thinking skills that will be helpful in any part of life and teaches me to collaborate and work with others in a new way,” says Owen.
“So far our time has been spent learning about simple machines and how to use them properly. And the kids have had time to try and build some small machines. We will begin the process of building a full machine in the near future,” says Mr. Anderson