Rhegan Stewart, Senior Staff Writer

Being a teen is fun except most of the time.  But one time that really stinks is when your wisdom teeth start to come in.

Every year around five million people talk to dental professionals about getting their wisdom teeth removed. Most people have this done when they are in their late teens or early twenties. Some people do not even have to get them removed because their mouths are big enough, but others are not as lucky.

I am one of those people who do not have a big enough mouth for these irrelevant teeth. And let me tell you, the pain is real.  

I’d always wondered why babies got so much attention while teething.  I mean, could it REALLY hurt that bad? That was until my wisdom teeth started to come in. 

I do not remember ever hurting this bad when any of my other teeth would come in. I spent the last month having pain,  just waiting for the day that I would get them out.  That would be that.

I was naive. 

I just thought you were put to sleep for a few hours. Then doctors took them out. And then you woke up and got a milkshake or something.  But it was a little different.

The procedure starts with the doctor taking an x-ray of your mouth. Then once they are ready to begin, they give you some sort of medicine to help you go to sleep and numb the area around your teeth. This is so you do not wake up from the pain. 

 And when it comes time for them to take the teeth out of your mouth, if the tooth has not broken through the gum, they must cut a small piece of the gum to make an opening. Once they get the teeth out of your mouth, they put some dissolving stitches in, which usually disappear in five to seven days.

Overall wisdom teeth removal really is not anything you should be nervous about. It is what it is.  But when it is over, it is a big relief.

The scariest part of the whole adventure is afterward, on the ride home.  When you are all looped up and your parents are filming you and trying to get info out of you…that’s the real thing to be worried about.