“All In”


Alexys Cartmel, Staff Writer

      New CHS head football coach, Connor Simmons, is coming in with a new attitude for the 2020 season.

    The team had some questions when returning to the fall start as to if there would even be a football season. But there were no doubts in this coach’s mind that, despite everything happening in the world, this season would not be taken from him or his team.

     “To be successful as a team, we have to come together and do our assignments as one. Each player needs to show encouragement and confidence that their teammates are going to get things done,” according to Simmons. There are several returning star players along with a large group of upcoming rookies.

Over the summer the team worked around the IHSAA guidelines to make sure they were healthy to come to the field. In order to stay fit and prepared for the upcoming season during the month of June, the team would get on Zoom calls and talk about what workouts to do at home.

     Conditioning and weight lifting began in July four times a week with two practices a week as well.
Since this is the first year Simmons has coached the boys, there are opponents he has never played before. Coach commented, “Each opponent that we face is our toughest opponent. Our job is to take one team at a time and never take an opponent lightly.”