Back at it again


Chloe Short, Media Manager

     After 18 long years, fan favorite Backstreet Back announced their new album, “DNA”, which was released January 25 on RCA records.

     The  new disc hit number one on Billboard Records with 234,000 sales, making it one of the years biggest records. It also reached the third most successful album in the band’s career. 

     The first single from the album, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” was nominated for a Grammy, but was out shined by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s duet hit from “A Star is Born.”

     In March, the Backstreet Boys became a piece of art in a museum. The Los Angeles Grammy museum debuted Backstreet Boys “The Experience” to celebrate the group’s career and features photography, artwork and wardrobe. “The Experience” closed in September, but it will be making its way south to the Grammy museum in Cleveland.

     The band has gotten tons of praise, even after so many years, which just proves that the group of talented boys still has the ability to wow fans.