Cascade girls swim get WICked


Aaron Ashcraft, Staff

The Cascade girls swim team took home a big win from the Western Indiana Conference on January 19. This is a huge accomplishment for them as it is the first time they have taken home the title in 10 years.
Due to the number of swimmers there are multiple heats, or rounds of each event. A normal swim meet is scored by the first to finish gets the most points and the last to finish gets the lowest or no points.
However, conference points are scored differently. For example, a relay is worth 40 points for first place and goes down to 37 for second and so on.
The Cadets were caught winning the 400 meter relay with a time of 4:04:01, a near 10 second lead on second place, South Putnam. The 200 medley relay took a time of 1:47.04 and the 200 free relay a time of 1:47.04.
The senior swimmers did an outstanding job in their final conference outing.
Abigail Kinkle was seeded 9th. Kinkle also took third in the 100 butterfly and 100 breastroke. Rachel Trent took second in fly, butterfly stroke at 1:06.27. Also taking third in the 200 individual medley with a time of 2:28.32.
Medley swimming is a combination of four different types of swim strokes.
“It was really cool to be able to win the WIC championship after 10 years. I have mixed emotions about my swimming career coming to an end because I made a lot of good memories and friends along the way, but now I’m just off to bigger things,” said Trent.
Another notable swimmer of the conference was Ellie Thompson, winning the 100 backstroke, as well as taking second in the 200 medley. Kiara McGuyre finished second in the 50 free stroke and third in 100 free stroke.
Sophomore McGuyre said, “Winning WIC was cool especially since that is what the seniors ended with. Our team has also never been placed in the top five of sectionals because of the school we were up against, so being able to be fifth was amazing. I’m also kind of sad that swim season is over because there were no seniors last year so the seniors this year were captains last year and it’s really sad that I won’t get to have another season with them.
Despite only two first place wins, the girls gathered a large number of second and third place finishes. By the end of the meet, the girls’ team scored a whopping 475 points. With a 117 point hold on first place the Cascade girls far out performed Greencastle and South Putnam.
Sectionals were held on Jan. 31 and Feb. 2. The girls placed 5 of 11. They had three relays in the finals. Many even made it into the top 8.
These girls again showed just how capable and talented they are. The seniors have ended their final season with a huge splash, leaving it up to the underclassmen to carry on the Cascade name. They’ve had a good swim, but it’s time for them to move onto new things.
Looking onto next season, there is much to look forward to and so much potential yet to be unlocked by these girls.