What are the Best Christmas Gifts of 2018?

Damen Phillips, Staff

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The holidays are fast approaching, and with that comes fun times with family and friends.
No matter how you celebrate the holidays, there is nothing but grand old times, and pleasant memories to be formed. Well mostly.
With the holidays approaching, there also comes the stresses of buying gifts for your friends and family; so, what are the best gifts to give?
Now, obviously, the best gifts are given from the heart, and probably shouldn’t be directly off of a list; but here are some helpful hints for what to look for this holiday season.
To gather all of the information in this list I sent out a questionnaire to Cascade High School, asking simply what everyone’s number one most wanted Christmas gift was.
Immediately I took notice of one of the most wanted gifts being money, which didn’t surprise me at all. Money is a solid gift if you don’t know exactly what someone might want. It allows that someone to pick their own gift with the money they received.
However, there is one issue that I thought of with money being a gift. Money just doesn’t feel as personal. If you give someone money, sure they’re getting exactly what they want afterwards, but you don’t get to see their reaction when they receive the item. To me personally, it’s still nice to give the gift, but if you’re very adamant about giving a gift that someone will definitely remember, money is a good start, but perhaps it isn’t the best option.
With gifts, there is a bit of divide when it comes to gender. Women often wanted make-up and other cosmetics. Both men and women seem to like shoes for gifts, while men tended to lean on wanting electronics.
However, an overwhelming one hundred percent of people followed an interesting trend. One hundred percent of people’s number one most wanted gift was something they wanted. The gift they wanted was specifically tailored to their taste.
So, in the end, the best gifts are going to gifts that are given from the heart. The best way to give gifts to someone, is to ask them what they want. Maybe ask them for a small list of what they would really like, and from there you can decide what you would like to give them from that list.
I know, a bit of an underwhelming closer, however, the best way to give gifts to give someone something they would like. No list or article can cover absolutely everyone, and though they give good starting places, you should just stick to asking people something they like. Alternatively, you could take a shot at surprising them and hope they like the gift based on what you know about them.
One little note, I’d like to give a little shout out to a small group of people with rather impressive coordination. This small group all submitted one particular item for their most wanted gift. This group asked for MHI Vestas V164-9.5MW Wind Turbines. I have no idea how exactly they’ll go about getting a wind turbine for Christmas, but I personally wish them luck.

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