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Simran Singh with her relative

Sara Berge, Staff

Hawaii, Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean. These are places people normally go to during winter break. But senior Simran Singh spent her most recent break in India.
Singh stayed a total of four weeks in India to visit with her father’s side of the family. Singh has been going to India for as long as she can remember. Singh says “It is a small town but it holds a big place in my heart. I love going there. It is my home away from home. Everyone knows us there and it never feels weird or awkward to be there.” Singh spent time with her family and attended two weddings.
Singh’s favorite memory is from a different trip she took to India. Her Canadian aunt and uncle came along on the trip. They decided to go to two temples and rode in two separate cars. One of the temples was on a mountain and they took a break halfway up. On the mountain, they spotted some monkeys that they wanted to feed. All of a sudden Singh heard her aunt screaming and Singh hurried and shut her car door.
After everyone calmed down, Singh learned that when her aunt was leaving the car, a monkey snuck into the car. The monkey grabbed a bag out of the car that contained her purse and passport and then proceeded to run up a tree. A driver ended up throwing a rock at the tree to scare the monkey into dropping the bag and they ended up retrieving it.
When Singh is not making memories in India, she is making memories at “The” Cascade High School. Singh has been attending Mill Creek since kindergarten and is the current president of Students Against Destructive Decisions, a member of National Honor Society, co-president of the Black & Blue Crew, member of Cadet Kickoff, a three year varsity soccer player, a two year track and field runner and a member of the state- finalist Mock Trial team. Singh’s favorite memories of her school career is going to semi soccer state her freshman year and receiving a the principal’s award her junior year.
Singh’s hobbies include spending time with her friends, playing soccer and mock trial. After high school, she plans on attending University of Southern Indiana.